We are committed to a sustainable model

The circular economy is the new economic and social system that is based on a production that takes advantage of resources and reduces the consumption of water, energy, and raw materials.

It is an alternative to the current linear economic model, based on extraction, production, consumption, and disposal.

Using and throwing away a high cost for our planet

Our ambitious 2030 target

We are gradually moving away from the current linear system of "use and throw away", our goal to 2030, is that 100% of our products are respectful of the planet extending the useful life of them and giving them a second life thanks to ecodesign, reuse of resources, repair and recycling, transforming waste into resources

The importance of ecodesign in the circular economy

Our challenge is to manufacture more versatile and longer-lasting items, which require fewer natural resources and raw materials, which reduce CO2 emissions, which adapt to market demand and are more attractive to customers who have an added value that differentiates us, in short, to create a more sustainable company with the capacity for continuous innovation.

80% of the environmental impact of a product is decided in its design phase

Benefits of the circular economy